The end of the tenancy is crucial for tenants as well as for landlords. The main reason behind leaving tenants losing their deposit is the inadequate cleaning and repair they do. It will be landlords end that will lose money over the post end of tenancy cleaning and he/she will deduct what it is going to cost them. Here are some areas tenants should make sure is properly before leaving the property. 

1. Bedrooms

The first step in the end of tenancy cleaning Bristol is to remove dust and dirt. This task involves wiping the whole place, removing the cobwebs and unreachable places. Dust off the top shelves and doors. Picture frames, curtain rails and many more areas that remain untouched should be wiped down with disinfectant cleaning agent. Lampshades, the area above tube lights that get dusty, under the bed, etc. are some other important areas. Make sure you thoroughly vacuum the mattress and furniture cushions if available. Wipe and if possible polish switches and wash or repaint dirty walls. If you leave without repainting, you might have a huge deduction from the caution deposit. 

2. Kitchen

Clean the countertops, shelves and corner of ceilings. Exhaust fans, ceiling fans, desert coolers, etc. should also be cleaned properly. Be careful and leave the sink area spotless. This is where the dirt can get accumulated. Shine taps and polish sinks. Wall tiles should be de-greased and washed thoroughly. Polishing is also a good option if you have been using this house for a very long time. Clean appliances like a fridge. Remove all the layers and make sure you wash them separately with cleaning liquid. Properly scrub and wash the inside of the fridge. It is important to sanitize the waste bin before leaving and take out all the trash. Wash cutlery and woodworks. There are floor stains that needed to be tended to. Gas knobs is another major dirt accumulating place in a kitchen. Clean cupboards and windows which might have got greasy over time. 

3. Bathrooms

The toughest to clean is the bathroom area. Mildew or dust can be seriously intolerable when it comes to bathrooms. Washbasins, taps and other fittings should be cleaned along with hard water stains using suitable chemicals. Soap dispensers should be scrubbed and polished. Radiators should be serviced. Towel rails and back of the door should be scrubbed. Disinfect and rinse the toilet and washbasin. Shower screens and drains should be cleaned with great attention. Mirrors and glass surfaces should be wiped and polished properly. Clean exhaust fans and wipe bathroom tiles without leaving a speck of dirt.

4. Furniture, carpets and windows

Furniture should be polished. Their cushions should be vacuumed thoroughly. Vacuum under every piece of furniture. This is one of the unreachable and not a regularly cleaned area. Wipe and rinse off oil stains and do not leave fingerprints on newly polished furniture. Clean the carpets by hiring a machine. Thoroughly vacuum the edges and steam clean. 

Start window cleaning by dusting off curtains and blinds. Cleans even the insides of the window. Remove oily stains and fingerprints if present. Drawers, shelves and cupboards should also be wiped down. Remove everything and clean them. Wipe handles and outside too.

5. Appliances 

Clean appliances very carefully, because a slight mistake can damage the appliance and you will have to pay for it. Fridge and freezer should be wiped down dismantled. Wipe the exterior also. Dishwashers need special attention to areas where dirt can accumulate over time. The soap dispenser is one such area which needs this attention. Wipe down the handles and don’t skip cleaning underneath of the dishwasher. The washing machine drum should be cleaned for leftovers. Empty the filters and wipe the exteriors. Clean behind and underneath. The oven should be de-greased and deep cleaned by extracting each unit. Scrub off grime and food deposits. Inspect rubber seal and wipe the handles and exterior.

Last few things are to dry carpets and floor, taking the leftover trash out so that the house is free from dust and garbage. 

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