Is having a sparkling clean window your dream? Maybe, your windows do not allow the sunlight to enter your home because of the grime, dirt, dust collected on the surfaces. Everyone loves their house to be filled with natural sunlight. You might have taken considerable efforts in cleaning the insides of your windows, but the outsides remain a dust-full affair. 

It is daunting to reach the outsides of the windows, especially when you stay in a high-rise apartment. In that case, hiring a professional window cleaner will save your trouble and efforts. If your house windows are pretty accessible, then cleaning on your own will save costs. Here are few of the professional tips to clean the outside of a window. 

Consider Your Safety First 

Before a sparkling clean window comes your safety. So, if you do not have a ladder or any window is inaccessible, it is advisable to call a cleaning professional and save future troubles. If you live in a small house, then probably the windows are reachable and can be cleaned easily. 

If your balcony is sturdy, you still have to be careful while cleaning upstairs windows. Window cleaning professionals have the expertise and specialized equipment for cleaning such out-of-reach windows. So, hiring an expert is a wise decision instead of doing a risk-free cleaning business. 

Assign Time and Budget for Window Cleaning 

One needs to allocate sufficient time to clean windows despite the busy schedules. Window cleaning is required to be done once or twice in a year. 

On similar parlance, you also have to fix a reasonable budget to buy the essential window cleaning supplies. 

Use Equipment Wisely 

So, you have decided to clean the outside windows by yourself as they are pretty within your reach? No problem. But be conscious while choosing cleaning equipment and tools. Research a bit, ask your acquaintances who live in similar houses and know their window cleaning experiences. You will have excellent cleaning options then. 

Other Ways to Clean the Outside of a Window 

1. Squeegees 

You can use a telescopic squeegee. There are squeegees available in the market with extendable handles that allow you to clean the uppermost surface of the windows. There is no need for climbing or using a ladder then. You can reach the window comfortably and clean it like a pro. 

2. Magnetic Window Cleaner 

Magnetic window cleaner is another type of specialized equipment that helps in cleaning both the window sides without much trouble. Follow the below-given tips while buying a magnetic window cleaner. 

Choose the perfect window cleaner. Some magnetic cleaners are suitable for double-gazing. Avoid it entirely as it might result in breakage. 

You need to spray cleaning solution on both the window sides so that cleaner glides through the window surface smoothly. If you spray only on the inside of the window, then the outside surface will not be cleaned thoroughly. 

We understand that spraying the cleaning solution is not possible on the outside. In that case, you can use the magnetic window cleaner itself to spread the solution to the entire surface. You do not have to lean out of the window then. Remember, safety first! 

3. Window cleaning kits 

One can find specialized window cleaning products in the stores such as the apartment-friendly window cleaning kit. It has a U-shaped pole with cleaning attachments that reaches the exterior part of your window easily. 

4. Robot

A cleaning robot is an efficient device that can perform cleaning job noiselessly. Though it might be a bit expensive, it is a one-time expenditure. It still doubtful whether a cleaning robot can wash away the dirt and grime outside the window. So, think twice before making this purchase decision. 

5. Seek Professional help 

Hire a professional window cleaner if you do not have sufficient time for the same. They are skillful in cleaning the windows with superior quality products. You just need to book a professional cleaner, and your job is done. 

In short, it is a challenging yet manageable task to clean the outside of a window. One has to follow specific tips and tricks to do the same. Also, investing in cleaning materials and supplies is mandatory if you are a perfectionist. 

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